As a global leader in engineering, RF and microwave technology, Anaren also prides itself on offering well-structured, relevant, and rewarding educational opportunities for students and young professionals. If you are hard at work on an engineering or other technical degree and looking for an opportunity to gain meaningful experience in your chosen profession, enroll as an intern or co-op student at Anaren!

Our internship and co-op enrollment periods are held throughout the year:

  • Spring Co-ops (January-May) – openings posted in September
  • Summer Co-ops (June-August) – openings posted in March
  • Fall Co-ops (August-December) – openings posted in March
Interns in a Professional Environment

Valuable Work Experience

Explore your career interests and gain valuable experience working in a challenging professional environment. Apply your academic knowledge to a work setting, receive training and to expand your technical skillset, and work fluidly in a highly cross-functional team environment. Also take advantage of our vast support network of team members, mentors, and subject matter experts to learn more about your field, industry, career path, and more!

Hands-on Projects and Workshops

Hands-on Projects

Interns and co-ops are exposed to the core operations of our business, assist with special projects, and participate in a variety of assignments and tasks aimed at fulfilling the co-op program objectives. You can find yourself working on professional engineering projects, help engineer Anaren’s manufacturing processes, design equipment used in production lines, and more!

One-on-one Mentoring

One-on-One Mentor Support

Work with a range of supervisors, fellow engineers, and other team members to give an accurate and varied view of our workplace. You will also be assigned a mentor to train, council, and guide you throughout the duration of the program and give you real work assignments.

Part of the Team at Anaren

Part of the Anaren Team

Anaren holds young professionals entering the technical trades or engineering field are in high regard and as valuable new members of the profession. As such, we treat you with respect, value your contribution, and make you part of the team.

Work in Dynamic Markets

Exciting Markets

Anaren partners with and supplies some of the world’s largest and hottest companies, in markets that are dynamic, fast-growing, and making a difference in the world. You will be working on products that touch the lives of millions, and projects for the likes of Ericsson, Raytheon, Nortel, Broadcom, Samsung, Lockheed Martin, Nokia, Boeing, and Motorola, among many others.

Positive Work Environment

Diverse Workplace and Culture

Work in an environment that celebrates diversity, innovation, creative thinking, family, teamwork, integrity, and customer satisfaction. You will be a part of a community who genuinely cares about you and your future prospects. And perhaps best of all, you will have fun!

Your Professional Future Starts Today

Apply to enroll today, spend time in our program, gain a wealth of knowledge and experience, and possibly transition into a full-time position at Anaren! For more information on internship or co-op opportunities or candidacy for the Gerst-Hair Graduate Studies Fellowship Award, view our open positions or contact us to speak with our Human Resources department.

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