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Anaren wireless resistive components are designed with today’s higher-power, more compact commercial wireless equipment systems in mind, leveraging unique product designs and manufacturing techniques to achieve unmatched pricing advantages in high-volume applications. This product line is a must-have where performance and price are on your list of priorities. These products are specifically designed for commercial wireless bands with individual parts covering all popular bands from DC to 6GHz, have higher power handling in smaller packages, and use environmentally-friendly materials and construction. Our BeO-free AlN and alumina designs and lead-free tin finish help you comply with RoHS and other global standards and regulations.

Anaren offers flangeless terminators that are tested 100% for quality and reliability to meet your application needs. Our flangeless terminators are designed for the best possible heat transfer as a result of being soldered directly to the heat sink. A BeO-free AIN ceramic substrate is used to manufacture our components to create a very low thermal resistance and electrical charge storage (capacitance). Our flangeless components offer improved VSWR and power handling, and are suited for the most demanding applications.

For further details and specifications for each component, view that product's documentation. To view the conversion chart for return loss vs. voltage standing wave ratio, download the chart application note.


Application Notes

Read this application note to learn proper soldering techniques for when attaching Anaren resistive products.

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Part No. Order Documents Frequency (GHz) Power (W) Size (In/mm) Material Finish Max Operating Temp (Degrees C) Resistor Value (Ω) Return Loss (dB)
E150N50X4E Buy 0 - 3 150 0.25 x 0.25 in AlN MTN 200 50 20
E200N50X4 Buy 0 - 2.2 200 0.25 x 0.375 in AlN MTN 200 50 20
E250N50X4 Buy 0 - 2.2 250 0.375 x 0.375 in AlN MTN 200 50 20
E250N50X4B Buy 0 - 3 250 0.375 x 0.375 in AlN MTN 200 50 20
E300N50X4 Buy 2.4 - 2.5 300 0.500 x 0.375 in AlN MTN 150 50 25

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