Military/Instrumentation Resistive Components

Terminations - Flangeless

Anaren provides a range of military-grade and medical-grade components, offering high-performance, high-power handling resistive parts suitable to your toughest application. With Anaren resistive components, you are assured of unit-to-unit consistency, highly repeatable performance, stringent quality control, and 100% RF testing.

Our terminations have a thick film silver (TFS) finish unless noted otherwise, as follows:

  • MTSN = Matte tin over sulfamate Ni
  • TLSN = Tin/lead over sulfamate Ni
  • SN = Sulfamate Ni
  • EN = Electoless Ni
  • NP = Nickel plated

For further details and specifications for each component, view that product's documentation. To view the conversion chart for return loss vs. voltage standing wave ratio, download the chart application note.

Looking for Custom Solutions?

If interested in custom and build-to-print solutions of military- and medical-grade resistive components, we can design our products to meet your needs. Contact us to request a quote or sample today.

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Part No. Order Documents Frequency (GHz) Power (W) Size (In/mm) Material Finish Max Operating Temp (degree C) Resistor Value (Ω)
125-50TS Buy 0 - 3 125 0.35 x 0.225 in BeO TFS 150 50
150-50TCGN Buy 0 - 3 150 0.375 x 0.25 in BeO TFS 150 50
30-50T Buy 0 - 3 30 0.2 x 0.1 in BeO TFS 150 50
40-50TPP Buy 0 - 6 40 0.25 x 0.25 in BeO TFS 150 50
40-50TPP-S Buy 0 - 6 40 0.25 x 0.25 in BeO TFS 150 50

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