Our product portfolio includes standard RF components including couplers, power dividers, baluns, and radio transceivers and build-to-print complex subassemblies, including beamformers, RF modules, hybrid microelectronics, ceramic substrates, and much more.

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Xinger Components

Anaren Xinger-brand Components

Anaren's proven lineup of multi-layer Xinger-brand products offer a variety of passive RF components for wireless infrastructure and consumer electronics applications and some military-grade components for defense applications.

Wireless Resistive Components

Attenuators, Resistors, and Terminations

Our family of commercial telecommunications resistive products are designed with today’s higher-power, more compact commercial equipment systems in mind, and leverage unique product designs and manufacturing techniques to achieve unmatched pricing advantages in high-volume applications.

Military and Instrumentation Resistive Components

Anaren Military and Instrumentation Resistives

When contending with resistive duties in your application, choose Anaren's comprehensive, proven, and reliable line of military- and medical-grade components. With a variety of options and formats, we offer you both confidence and flexibility you require to get the toughest job done right.

Military-Qualified RF Components

Anaren Military-Grade Cased and Caseless Components

NOTICE:  Anaren standard Military-Qualified RF Components have been designated End of Life. Orders will no longer be accepted after March 23, 2018 unless a prior agreement is in place. 

Beamforming Networks

Beamformers and Radar Solutions

Anaren is an industry leader in beamforming technologies used in military and aerospace applications, offering a variety of active and passive high-performance RF assemblies, including L-band/LEO and L- and S-band/GEO space beamformers, UHF thru Ka-band radar AESA RF networks, Butler matrices, multi-octave, and more.

Integrated RF Solutions

Hybrid RF Modules, PCB, and Integrated Microwave Assemblies

Anaren specializes in integrated solutions across our facilities and capabilities to provide sophisticated integrated electronics for numerous platforms, ranging from digital RF memory (DRFM) to frequency up/down converters (UDC) and channelized amplifiers for military and space applications.

Ceramic Circuits and Packaging

LTCC and Etched Thick Film Ceramic Substrates

Anaren offers LTCC, thick film, and standard resistive ceramic component manufacturing for numerous applications. Specializing in the fabrication of extremely tight-tolerance and high-reliability circuits, we bring deep engineering expertise and world-class infrastructure to your project.


Anaren MSK Products Hybrid Microelectronics

Our MSK Products line is a renowned industry leader for custom hybrid microelectronics, applying our circuit design expertise and versatile packaging capabilities to each circuit produced. This line also includes operational amplifiers and video amplifiers, motor drives, and linear and switching voltage regulators.

High-Reliability PCB

Anaren Unicircuit, Inc. Subsidiary

Anaren is a leader in the development and production of complex high-reliability printed circuit boards, and provides extensive specialized manufacturing solutions for constrainment and thermally-challenged designs, unique HDI structures, and RF manifolds.

Wireless Transceivers

Anaren Integrated Radio Modules

Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules are the industry's easiest, most elegant, and most cost-effective way to implement low-power RF capability. Whether your goal is enabling wireless connectivity for an existing product or developing a wireless product from the ground up, we offer the best performance-to-size ratio in the industry. Our LR09A and LR09C are RED (Radio Equipment Directive) 2014/53/EU compliant.

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