Integrated certified radio modules for all Low Power Wireless applications

Anaren offers a range of low power RF transceiver modules for wireless solutions developers worldwide that leverage Texas Instruments silicon and extensive suite of software development tools. Anaren modules are 100%  tested and guaranteed compliant to latest ETSI (RED) and FCC / IC regulatory standards.


TI Supported

Trusted Vendor Silicon

Our proprietary RF modules are based on Texas Instrument's trusted silicon RF technologies, enabling innovative low power applications and performance reliability. Along with Anaren’s dedicated technical support, AIR module users can also leverage assistance from TI’s E2E wiki, and development tools and examples to create low-power RF solutions for applications ranging from consumer to industrial markets.

Anaren Capabilities with Industrial IoT

Enabling Industrial Wireless Networking

Anaren low power RF Modules are designed for industrial environments and fully certified to global regulatory standards so that even regulatory non-savvy customers can easily deploy their Wireless Sensor Networks and optimize for operational efficiency. We can enable existing and new sensors for Low power RF network deployment and have data transferred seamlessly to its final destination where it can be further analyzed to make decisions.

IoT Development for Makers and Tinkerers

Extensive Development Tools

Anaren BoosterPack kits include test boards pre-populated with your AIR module of choice -- and ready to plug and play into the popular Texas Instruments LaunchPad development environment.

Each BoosterPack kit includes:

  • Multiple BoosterPacks (number varies by kit), each featuring the Anaren AIR module you require
  • Pre-flashed TI microprocessors (as applicable)
  • A CD (contains software, driver, applications notes, more)
  • A handy QuickStart Guide to get kit up and running in no time

Anaren's Monitoring Hardware and Cloud Solutions

Certification Conformance

AIR modules are pre-certified to the latest standards of FCC, IC and ETSI RED. Please visit our product pages to ensure that your module carries the regional certification you require for your application. 

For additional information on RED, please see links below.

Technical Assistance

Technical Support


Anaren takes pride in providing technical assistance to our customers help get their wireless products to market from ideation to completion. Air modules have already enabled millions of wirelessly connected things, using Bluetooth, CC2530, Wi-Fi, and proprietary RF technologies. Our expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing complex RF solutions allows our customers to not worry of becoming an RF expert and focus on their core applications. Let our expertise save you from those expensive costs and fast-track you towards deployment.


Store and View Data in Anaren Cloud Solutions

RF Heritage

In 2017, Anaren is celebrating its 50th year in manufacturing where our customers are assured of innovative designs and materials processing. AIR leverages Anaren’s 50 years of RF expertise to offer the customer the best possible product. All Air modules are one of the smallest in the industry, minimizing PCB real estate, as well as come in varied options of integrated PCB and UFL antenna to meet application requirements. Additionally, all AIR modules are 100% RF tested in production. Non-RF savvy customers benefit significantly from our experience to achieve maximum range from lower power consumption. 


AIR Certification Requirements Guide

Looking to integrate AIR modules into your product? View our guide on ETSI requirements to ensure you meet all certification needs.

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AIR Testimonials and Cool Applications.

"The AIR A8520 module was chosen for its quality radio link delay and 1:1 bit-perfect audio streaming,” says Holm Acoustics principal, Thomas Holm. “Keeping a 160 nanosecond consistency in delay is a seldom seen feature in wireless audio streaming, and the AIR module was selected for the ZERO 1 project for this way-above-the-normal quality." - Avantgarde Acoustic GmbH

"We chose Anaren’s A2500R24C00GM AIR module because of easy implementation, good reliability, great technical support from Anaren team and low price." -  Mirus Golf

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