A Legacy of Communication Systems Enabled by Anaren

In 1995, Anaren forever changed the microwave component industry with the first ever surface mount 3dB couplers, featuring our revolutionary multi-layer design approach. The Xinger-brand components caught on spectacularly, inspiring us to successfully transplant the approach to everything from power dividers and baluns, to delay lines, to balun transformers, and RF crossovers. Since then, we have introduced three new generations of the Xinger family of passive components that have continued the tradition of innovation, and affording wireless system designers an array of smaller, performance-enhanced components.

Our Xinger components only scratched the surface of our capabilities for telecommunications applications. As a supplier of high-tech components and solutions, we offer a wide range of products to meet your needs throughout the industry, from our Xinger-brand passive components to numerous resistive products including high-power terminations and attenuators, high-frequency resistors / terminations, high-power ceramic RF resistors, and many more.

Revolutionary Xinger Brand

Anaren is a worldwide leader in providing components for infrastructure and mobile and stationary consumer applications, leveraging over 50 years of RF and microwave experience for wireless solutions. Our products and patented technologies offer the flexibility of being highly reliable yet easily integrated into a variety of applications, working in broad RF ranges, supporting all cellular industry standards, and providing the most compact performance-to-size ratio in the industry.

Advancing Cell Towers and Base Stations

Cellular Infrastructure

Anaren manufactures a range of passive components used extensively in cellular base stations and tower mounted hardware. These products are critical signal path products that allow our customers the highest levels of performance while keeping their costs down. Anaren products are applicable for use in all cellular infrastructure applications from the smallest range, highest density distributed antenna systems, to the largest and longest range solutions, known as Macrocells. Our components also support a wide array of bands and protocols and every standard in the cellular industry, including WiMax, Wi-Fi, LTE, GSM, GPS, Bluetooth, CC2530, 3G, 4G, RFID, PCS and DCS. We are also gearing up with portfolio extensions to meet the demands of the emerging 5G space, both above and below 6GHz.

Advancing Optical Fiber Components

Industrial Communications

Anaren provides a wide selection of passive components, active RF modules, and optical fiber component packaging solutions for industrial communications, designed to support applications in manufacturing, energy, health, and safety. Our products have applications in workflow integration, and are constantly innovated for up-and-coming RF uses, including RF heating, cooling, drying, lighting, monitoring, and detection.

Components in Consumer Products

Consumer Devices

Anaren supports and provides active and passive products in a wide variety of commercial applications. From Wi-Fi differential input baluns used in brand name manufacturer products to SMT components used in conjunction with market leading RF integrated circuits from the likes of: Texas Instruments, Nordic Semiconductors, Cypress Semiconductors and more. Anaren components are used in every communications application you can imagine.

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