Top-Quality Medical Resistors for Critical Applications

If you are designing medical equipment on which someone's life depends, both you and they can count on the uncompromising quality and performance of Anaren's instrumentation-grade resistive and ceramic components. Anaren has a 30+ year proven legacy as a provider of top-quality, implantable medical resistors and high-reliability RF resistors.

High-power performance. Quality construction. Durability. All delivered by a longstanding, reputable supplier: that’s what Anaren’s medical instrumentation-grade terminations, resistors, and attenuators are all about. Using Anaren resistive components and ceramics, you are assured of unit-to-unit consistency, highly repeatable performance, stringent quality control, and 100% RF testing.

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Anaren Resistors for Military and Medical Instrumentation

Purpose-built Resistive and Ceramic Components

Anaren manufactures a variety of standard high-frequency, high-power RF and high-reliability resistors, as well as custom high-reliability chip resistors used extensively in medical and mission-critical applications. Our broad product offering comes in a range of formats, including chip, SMD, flanged, and unflanged. Thanks to BeO and AIN ceramic construction, we can provide the highest power handling needs, while maintaining extreme reliability and excellent performance.

Designed by engineers, constructed in our ISO-registered ceramics plant, and proven again and again in the toughest applications, our family of standard and custom terminations, resistors, and attenuators address your needs. These components are designed for high-power applications from 0.05 to 800 Watts, and cover a range of mission critical applications from DC to 20GHz.

If you need a dependable resistive component and a reliable technology supplier, Anaren has the expertise to help you make the right choice for your medical or custom application needs. For more information on our ceramic capabilities, download our Ceramics Design Guide.

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Custom High-Reliability Chip Resistors
  • Ceramic base material: Al2O3 ,BeO, AlN
  • Termination styles: surface mount, flip chip, single edge metalizing for high-performance terminations, wire bondable, leaded
  • Termination materials: Pd/Ag, Pt/Au, Au, Ag, Ni, plated: Sn over Ni, Sn/Pb over Ni, ENiG
  • Values: 50 milli-ohms-100 giga-ohms, tolerances To +/- 0.5%, TCR to +/-50 PPM/C
  • Size: wire bondable to 0.020” X 0.020” (0505), surface-mounted to 0.020” X 0.010” (0502)
Standard High-Power RF Resistors
  • Base material: aluminum nitride, Al2O3, BeO
  • Specifications: VSWR rated at 1.25:1 or better to 6 GHz, 50/100 Ohms +/- 2% standard
  • Resistor styles: surface-mounted, coaxial, top contact (chip), leaded (with or without flange carrier)
  • Termination materials: Pd/Ag, Pt/Au, Au, Ag, Ni barrier
  • Microwave attenuators: stripline, surface-mounted
Components Advancing Instrumentation Devices

Instrumentation Innovations

Anaren's family of high-reliability chip resistors, high-frequency QPL resistors, and high-voltage resistors as small as 0.5x0.2x0.1mm (metric case size 0502) are designed for a wide range of mission critical instrumentation applications, including plasma generators, MRI equipment, bedside medical devices, mass spectrometers, high voltage power supplies, and many more. We continue to push the limit on the performance-to-size ratio while maintaining the highest quality, ensuring performance in key instrumentation bands and under the toughest conditions.

Resistors and Ceramics in AEDs and Biomedical Devices

AEDs and Biomedical Implants

Medical devices require high-reliability in order to ensure patient safety while minimizing risk. Anaren's rich heritage of engineering expertise allows us to provide ideal solutions for medical devices. Our precision technologies enable us to deliver high-performance and high-reliability substrates for automated external defibrillators and hearing aids, as well as implantable devices such as pacemakers.

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