Providing High-Reliability Printed Circuit Boards

For a world-class manufacturer of mission-critical, high-reliability, and time-sensitive products, look no further than Anaren and it's Unicircuit, Inc. subsidiary. Located in our dedicated PCB facility in Littleton, CO, Unicircuit is a well-respected, well-known name in the complex manufacturing process of printed circuit boards.

The cornerstone of our ability to produce and deliver products that require vertical and or horizontal launch sites for RF connectors, MMIC’s, and filter’s is our proprietary approach to multi-level cavity fabrication. This is coupled with advanced manufacturing techniques utilizing laser direct imaging, YAG laser etching, precision stub length removal, and fusion bonding.

As with all aspects of the Anaren brand, our commitment to innovation continues through our dedicated PCB fabrication facility and allows for advanced products to be developed and transitioned into manufacturable, reliable products that exhibit excellent cost vs. performance characteristics.

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Unicircuit High-Reliability Printed Circuit Boards

Specialized Manufacturing

We have extensive specialized manufacturing solutions for co-efficients of thermal energy (CTE) constrainment and thermally challenged designs and applications, extreme and unique HDI structures, and RF manifolds. Our ability to provide application specific products is enabled by the following:

  • Ormet conductive materials and core-to-core bonding
  • FEP and fusion bonding
  • Embedded components (e.g. resistors, garnets, circulators, ferrites)
  • RF connector attachment
  • Laser direct imaging
  • YAG laser etching
  • Laser sculpting/profiling
  • Multi-level cavity construction
  • Plated cavities and edges
  • Composite/hybrid packages
  • Foam bonded structures
Close up of a High-Reliability Printed Circuit Board

Diverse PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

With nearly 40 years of expertise in high-reliability PCB manufacturing, we are able to provide a diverse and extensive list of capabilities that enable us to offer a range of options for the toughest mission-critical applications.

  • .002mil line and space
  • .004mil laser defined vias
  • .006mil chip-on-board
  • .006mil mechanically drilled vias
  • Conductive and non-conductive via fill
  • Precision backdrilling
  • Sequential lamination
  • Fusion bonding
  • Mixed dielectric constructions
  • Core-to-core bonding (Ormet process)
  • Heatsink Bonding
  • .0005 etch tolerance (standard on .5oz copper)
  • Heavy copper/thermal vias
  • Blind/buried vias
  • Microvias, stacked and staggerd
Anaren Littleton, CO Facility

Exceptional Facility Certifications

Anaren is proud to note our facilities are among a select few in the United States with these extensive quality control and military certifications:

  • ITAR Registered
  • AS-9100-C
  • ISO-9001:2008
  • MIL-PRF-31032
  • MIL-PRF-55110
  • NADCAP accreditation
  • OD-65235
  • WS-27527-Weapon Spec

PCB Manufacturing Guidelines

Read our design guide for deeper insight into Anaren's PCB design and manufacturing capabilities and how we can innovate your next project.

Anaren Unicircuit High-Reliability PCB Fabrication

A Range of Laminate Types

We work with all varieties of material types, including PTEE, high speed/low loss, high temperature, low CTE, lead-free, and more. We also offer RF/digital hybrid construction, combination surface finishes, stacked/staggered solid copper-filled microvias, foam-bonded structures, and numerous surface finishes, including ENIPIG, ENIG, HASL, Sn/Pb reflow, silver, and tin.

For a complete list of laminate materials we work with, view our PCB Materials Guide.

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Inspecting custom solution at the Littleton, CO Facility

Extensive Analytical Laboratory Testing

We provide extensive testing of viable materials, surface coatings, and board constructions that have been validated by industry specifications to ensure that the final product will meet your guidelines. Our vast list of testing options includes:

  • Mechanical test (Instron) copper to dielectric adhesion, tensile/compresion testing
  • Fein-focus real time x-ray, non-destructive location of defects
  • Fourier Transform IR identification of contamination
  • Energy dispersive x-ray elemental analysis of surfaces
  • Optical microscopy/cross-section sample prep/microsection PCB's, assemblies, defects, and photos
  • X-ray fluorescence gold/tin/lead thinkness meansurement
  • Ion chromatography cleanliness of chip attach/assembly processes
  • Gas chromatography quantification
  • Differential scan calorimetry cure studies of epoxy/silicones and glass transition
  • Inductively coupled plasma quantitative analysis of trace metals in liquids
  • X-ray diffraction to identify inorganic crystaline materials
  • Internal stress testing for high current interconnect reliability verification

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